Brewing Equipment


Burr Grinder

Gooseneck Kettle

Chemex Filters



Recipe: 45g coffee : 720g water
Grind: Medium to Course
Time: 4:20 (approx.)

Brewing Steps

  1. Heat Water in Gooseneck kettle to 195-205°
  2. Unfold and place Filter with 3 layers over the Chemex Spout
  3. Rinse Filter and discard water
  4. Pour grounds in filter and level evenly
  5. Place Chemex on scale, tare scale & start timer
  6. Pre-wet grounds w/ 75g water
  7. At 0:40, slowly pour to 360g
  8. At 1:30, slowly pour to 480g
  9. At 2:10, slowly pour to 600g
  10. At 2:50, slowly pour to 720g
  11. Brew should finish at 4:20 (approx.)
  12. Pour into your favorite East Coast Roasts mug and enjoy!