Brew The Perfect Cup

 CHEMEX - The Chemex is one of the most preferred brewers with   its heat-resistant hourglass design and is accompanied by a   polished wood collar or glass handle. 



 French Press - Ever since the French Press was invented in 1920,   it has created a rich and delicious cup.




 HarioV60/ Kalita Wave - The Hario V60 and Kalita Wave drippers are fantastic brewers! Both are perfect for brewing up a unique single mug to enjoy at the start of the morning or brewing 2 cups to share with someone else.



 Home Coffee Maker - Whether you’re in a hurry and need a quick cup or are looking for an automated cup brewed in the morning, the home coffee maker might be your go-to brewer.




AeroPress - Looking for the perfect travel brewer?! The AeroPress may very well be your go-to brewer. Built out of durably thick plastic and compact, the AeroPress is ideal for camping, the hotel, and everything in between! Utilizing the steeping technique, similar to the French Press, the AeroPress will deliver a rich, delicious cup on the go.



Espresso - The espresso is the ultimate rich, luscious, velvety smooth coffee! Brewed under pressure, the espresso extracts rich flavours and is packed full of caffeine in a small shot.