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Recipe: 45g coffee : 675g water
Grind: Medium-Course
Time: 4:30 (adjust as desired)

Brewing Steps

1.       Heat water in kettle to 195-205° F

2.       Preheat carafe with water

3.       Discard water from carafe

4.       Grind 45g of coffee to a medium-course grind size

5.       Pour ground coffee into carafe

6.       Place carafe on scale and tare to zero

7.       Start timer and slowly pour 675g water to fully saturate grounds

8.       At the 1:00 mark, lightly stir.

9.       At 4:30 place plunger on carafe and slowly press plunger down until it hits grounds at bottom.

10.   Pour into your favorite East Coast Roasts mug and enjoy!